Peacehaven Gateways

An even quicker blog to round of this week


I updated the blog on Thursday as I went into my partners school in Lewes- to show the children progress on the project. I had been into see them back in October to tell them all about it and show them the concept drawings as they were doing the 'stone age' as a topic - as the Gateways contain carvings inspired by early bronze age rock art.

So to just round off the week I thought I'd add these now. As the photo shows - I've now sanded the slabs - more to remove the cutter marks rather than to smooth the oak - I still want them to have a feel of being hewn quite roughly from the tree - rather than a highly finished piece of modern furniture. That is now done, and they look extremely tactile with the chamfered face and edge. I'm now just cutting the holes through by hand with a gouge - I think this will keep me busy for a day or two yet.

Yet again the sun treated me to a dazzling display, the rich honeyed tones of the oak brought to their best by the setting mid winter sun.

And as the sun faded from view the mist began to build. I love it here!

Sadly I wasn't at the barn early enough to enjoy the frost, however approaching hail showers gave the sky a theatrical foreboding.

I've spent today continuing to clean out the holes (and admiring the sky - splendid hail storm today!)

So this is how I've left them today (Saturday) still lots to do!

Tonight I was treated to stripey skies as I left!

Thank you for reading, hopefully there'll be lots of progress next week with the face side underway - keep checking back here at my journal or follow me on Twitter or Facebook- if you want to see the progression of this sculpture.

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