Peacehaven Gateways - the end is in sight

Peacehaven Gateway sculpture Keith A Pettit

Well almost! It has been nearly a fortnight since I updated the blog on the progress - this was pretty much how I left the Gateway last week.


Things have really moved on, today (5th February 2015) saw the last of the roughing out with the chainsaws and the finishing begin.

I've been treated to some beautiful scenes and I've been priviledge to be joined by a fox for the last few days - he's (I think it may be a young dog fox) been busy hunting in the lower two fields - lovely to watch.

Some lovely moody skies

Squint and turn your head sideways and you might see the fox running for cover (honest! He's down in the bottom left hand corner of the field we're in, running toward the trees - sorry I don't have a good camera!)



Keith A Pettit Peacehaven Sculpture

Mean while the work on the sculpture continues the photos above shows the gateways with the design drawn with chalk and then I've quickly run the chainsaw lightly around the design, in effect tracing it onto the surface.

Keith Pettit Peacehaven sculpture in progress

And then the carving out begins - Here the work is illuminated by beautiful late afternoon sun.

Another day ends!

Keith Pettit Peacehaven Gateways

A few days of work and the gateways are almost to the point when the chainsaw work is at an end. Again the lovely mellow winter light at the end of the day makes the nearly worked oak radiate! In this photo you can clearly see all three designs - the first gateway is furthest from us 'Life' the second pair 'Growth' and just started the third pair 'Stars'.

Keith Pettit Peacehave gateway progress

Another day, more beautiful light (how is it at the end of the day we're so often treated to dazzling displays)

And this sunset throws lots of light underneath the clouds.....

Keith Pettit Oak sculpture in progress

So onto today, the last few stars to do!

More beautiful skies! It has been the coldest day yet. The wind really cut through you. However the recompense was a seriously stunning day-

Chain sawing done, I turned to my Arbotech Turbo plane to work off the chainsaw marks on the surface

Keith Pettit - using the Arbotech turbo plane

Treated to some snow flurries, here's a photo of one of them approaching and moving over - crazy light show

Roared through the finishing, was almost home and dry and I managed to 'plane' through the grinders lead! So I had to finished early with still a little bit more to do before I can sand them.

Keith Pettit

There's lots more about this project back in my 'Journel', going back to the original concepts and drawings.

Thanks for reading, hopefully the next blog post will be about the first stage completed and the plans to move them onto site being made.

















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