One of those weeks!

Keith Pettit Peacehaven Gateways

What should've been a simple week of finishing the sculpture ready for delivery on the agreed day early next week, didn't quite go to plan

And it all started well with the task of cutting the windows with the gouge - which is a bit laborious - but straight forward.

Keith Pettit Peacehaven Gateways

The  problems started when I had finished cutting them out. I decided to turn them all back over and work some of the contours a bit deeper, as the lattice work hadn't quite happened through the design. Due to the fact all the corners were now rounded off and smoothed, the system I had devised when I turned them over first time didn't work. The slab kept slipping away as I slowly levered it up, propping and blocking as I went. I ended up loosing a whole afternoon, until  I finally worked a way out to do it. 

Keith Pettit Sculptor

With it propped up I could now work from both sides, carefully increasing the depth of the cuts until they started to break through to achieve the 'lattice work' look I am after. After completing the first one I had to lay it down with the contours showing so I could clean that side up - I then ran into real problems - as a I gently lowered the slab onto progressively shorter props - one slipped and the half ton piece of oak decided it wanted to get back to earth in a hurry. As it landed on the two bearers laid top and bottom of the slab, it flexed in the middle splitting the natural heart crack which proved to big and to weak to cope with the stress.

Which means I'm going to have to start that one again! I 've been on to Copford Sawmills and fortunately they have some oak big enough and they can get it milled up for next week - so I reckon I'll still be able to complete it and get it to Peacehaven for the official opening on the 7th of March.

Todays rain approaches, unfortunately the pole barn isn't much cop with driving rain! so I got quite wet finishing the last three.

Although I have to say one good thing about the rain is the wet oak looked ravishing! In consideration it was the only good thing about the rain!

Keith Pettit Oak sculpture

Keith Pettit

They are going to be moved to Peacehaven on Tuesday and installed as soon as I can make it happen. I'm also hoping to pick the glass inserts up during the week too, they will need installing on site as well. So I imagine spending a fair amount of time in Peacehaven over the next week or two. And of course there's the broken one to replace!

If you've not seen it here is the original concept (with a bit of an explination of the project too) If you explore my blog further there has been a weekly entry charting the progress of the sculpture.

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