Peacehaven Gateways - almost there!

Keith Pettit - Peacehaven Gateways

After a slow couple of weeks the sculpture has now got to the point of being almost done

On Monday this week, Playscapes supplied me two of their guys - Alex is in the photo above holding one of the sides of the Gateways whilst Eddie is in the cab of the telehandler

Hale, sleet and a driving wind kept us company all day - but all the sabs where installed.


Keith Pettit Peacehaven Gateways

I returned to Peacehaven on Wednesday to start cleaning the thee wood up and begin installing the stained glass.

Keith Pettit

It went quite well - Thursday's weather forecast was not nice so I decided to wait until Friday until I returned.

Friday was a really beautiful - with the welcome accompaniment of lots of skylarks, I carried on with the glass installation.

Got all 5 panels cleaned up and glazed, so all that is now to be done is to replace the broken panel, get it to site, install it and glaze it...That is next weeks task!

Keith Pettit - Oak Sculpture

Keith Pettit Chainsaw carving

Keith Pettit Artist

Interestingly, The BBC had a story on their web site (HERE) about the discovery of a wheat sample in a submerged peat bog off of the Isle of Wight that pushes back the excepted arrival of Wheat in the British Isles by more then 2000 years to the Messolithic- the strain of Wheat? Einkorn one of the early strains I chose to decorate the stained glass with.

Keith Pettit - Stained Glass

Next Saturday (the 7th) is the official launch and opening of the amazing Big Parks Project - I'm down to give a guided walk and talk about the sculpture t 1.30pm - you'd be welcome to come along if you'd like - More details about the launch HERE

If you've not come across my blogged progress of this project before HERE is a link through to the original concept, inspirations and sketches

I've been working on these since before Christmas - with quite regular updates on their progress. Explore my "journal" section to find that story (HERE).

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