News of my latest sculptural commision


Rhine Sketch

I'm really excited to announce I've been invited to join 5 other sculptors from across Europe to Waldshut-Tiengen in Germany to take part in "Symposium Workproject'.

It is such an honour to be invited by the organisers and I must thank my friends the Maiers (especially Rita, dankeshon!) who I know where instrumental in putting my name forward. I'm flying out to Germany towards the end of September to take part in the Town Council project, we shall be carving 7 trunks of Poplar trees that used to grow alongside a beautiful walk beside the River Rhine.

Sketch for Rhine Sculpture_Keith Pettit

Here is my proposal - to reduce the trunk down to a central plank and pierce carve through from both sides (similar to my Elm Memorial) - hinting at the rippling river surface - as the tree has drawn sustenance from the river during it's life time I'm revealing that river from within the tree - floating on this new surface will be mild steel poplar leaves, a memorial to the tree that has now been felled.

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