Country ABC

G for Goldfinch. Wood Engraving by Keith Pettit

Work that began 5 years ago - is finally available as a complete collection

When I engraved S for Snowdrop 5 years ago I thought I was really working up a broad range of prints that would go to make up a portfolio of work

S for Snowdrop. Wood Engraving by Keith Pettit

A Bee was added for my daughters birthday present - an F was requested, a C was done and before I knew it I had a project nagging away at me, wanting to be completed. A few more were added as time went by G, another B (for butterfly), a class learning the wood engraving basics once turned out to be so talented (and independent) they enabled me to join them in engraving and O was added - P was engraved on a school visit on the 70th anniversary of D-Day - P for Poppy the obvious choice. And then 2014's Christmas' shows and Fayres all with me giving live demonstrations begun the final run in to completion H, A and L where completed. May 2015 and the beggining of Brighton's Artist Open Houses saw W, R, D, E, J and K done. And now as I sit writing this in July 2015 T, U and Y are done and are await printing with the last letters; X,Z and & soon to be started it is time to launch the range (follow this link HERE)

Wood engraved blocks by Keith Pettti

The prints are all inspired by the world I see around me - a very rural theme. All the blocks are hand printed onto Zerkall mould made, acid free paper. All intenet orders will be posted in reinforced envelopes, the print contained in a cellophane bag - professionally mounted and ready to fit straight into a 10" x 8" frame of your choice.

I for Iris Float mounted and framed Wood Engraving by Keith Pettit

I for Iris (Ivy and Isfield) (above) is shown float mounted in an Oak frame - These can be ordered (as well as complete names and alphabets) but I cannot post these - so they will have to picked up from me locally. Or you're welcome to download this photo and take your prints and the photo to a local framer to you (just send me a photo of the results!).

The letters can obviously be made up into complete names - an ideal present for loved ones and with an ampersand (&) being added soon - they could be brought together to form newly weds names. If you are planning to buy multiple prints - there is a 40% discount on orders over two online, just add 'MULTI-ORDER' when prompted for the discount password (this only applies to the Country ABC).

Rachel exampe of Country ABC letters forming a name Wood Engraving by Keith Pettit

I've had so much fun coming up with the different ideas for each one - I'm already thinking of adding other ABC's - a vintage cooking, baking, country kitchen alphabet an alphabet of the coast, a cottage garden - I seem to have opened a bit of a pandoras box!

I would be happy to hear your requests and commisions - this photo shows a linked initial (P & B) which a customer comissioned for a wedding gift - the newly weds got the prints and the block too. (R for Rose in the process of being worked on is shown too.)

wood engraved blocks by Keith Pettit

If you'de like to commission your own engraving (of any subject - I do more than letters - see here) please give me a call on 01825 841000. Or to purchase you letter from my web shop, click on this LINK





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