Chiddingly Festival's Open Houses 2015

My workshop doors will be thrown open on the weekends of the 26th/27th of September and the 3rd/4th of October between 11am and 5pm.


Chiddingly Festival is an amazing art festival which I have long enjoyed. This is the 5th year now I have joined in the hugely successful Open Studios.

I'm being joined in the workshop by local plein air artist Rupert Denyer (more Here) Fresh back from his extended trip to his partners home in Italy - expect at least a hint of the trip appearing in his work this year

He will undoubtedly still have a large selection of his beautiful (but not as exotic) local scenes.

Also joining me in the studio will be local artist and craftsman Karl Smith - who will bring a cross selection of his hand crafted works - from jewellery to sculpture and furniture all inspired by the organic natural environments he so loves

Both artist will be at the studio - both will be demonstrating and working live - and would be happy for viewers and questioners alike!

And of course there are my neighbours! The incredibly talented photographer Jim Holden is next door, you'll be staggered by the number of celebrities and luminaries that have been captured by him. He is sharing his Studio with the exceptionally lovely and talented Lorna Holdcroft . Next door to Jim is the Sussex Flower School they'll be hosting several artists too And if all that isn't enough to persuade you to visit- there is of course the queen of beads herself Becca Weddell who will be running regular demonstrations of her glass bead making. You'll find us all here: Google Map

Lots and lots more information can be found on the CAOS web site which is HERE

Please note, I will unfortunately not be able to be present in person this year - I'm off out to Germany to work on a sculpture out there (more about that project HERE) There will still be lots to see and do and of course my work will still be available including my newly finished Country ABC 

 UPDATE- 25th September. Unfortunatley (for us) Rupert Denyer, has  had some really exciting opportunities arise - which means he is forced to pull out of the open studio. I wish him well and look forward to hearing good news soon! I've asked my good friend Adele Scantlebury if she'd like to join me at short notice- I'm glad to say she can. She will be here at the workshop demonstrating how she creates here gorgeous woodcuts (and engravings too). So pop in and say hello if you can.


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